Simple Magical Tricks to Get Peaceful Sleep

Simple Magical Tricks to Get Peaceful Sleep

Sleep is very important part of our life if one could not able to take proper sleep in night then whole day will become boring. It affects ultimately on your daily routine life and you would be lag behind in your professional career. Sleep issue when remain unsolved for many days then it is known as insomnia sleep disorder. It’s very worst kind of disorder if untreated for long time. There are number other health issue comes with sleep disorder like high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, increase in cholesterol, weight loss, diabetes, depression, cancer, constipation and many more. Just taking sleep any time will not help to come out sleep disorder its wrong practice many people follow. Night is design for sleep by god or say nature if you take proper sleep then only you would be avoid sleep disorder or come out of sleep disorder.
Few tricks you may apply when sleep disorder is at the initial level.

1 ) Avoid forcefully to take sleep in day whatever be the situation be alert in a day. It helps to get sleep easily in night by regulating body clock.

2 ) Avoid alcohol, smoking like habits which increases your blood pressure and do not allow you to get sleep on time.

3) Avoid bright light in bedroom put off the lights while sleeping. Bright lights can affects nervous system by changing sleep hormone level in the brain.

4) Stop taking tea and coffee If you would have urge to have a tea then instead of tea go for banana drink with cinnamon ( recipe: boil water and put pieces of organic banana with peel for 10 minutes then sprinkle some cinnamon if u want u may add some stevia as a sweetening agent ) as banana contain potassium and magnesium it helps to regulate the sleep hormone and will help to get proper sleep in night.

5) You may also drink warm milk in the night that will also helps to get proper sleep.

Follow above tips and get rid of sleep issue and live healthy life.


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